Hands up if You Doubt Yourself on a Regular Basis

Have you got your hand up? I know I have! Every single day, something makes me pause and question whether I’m getting it right or not. It’s a real challenge and it can drag you down if you don’t get a handle on it. Fortunately, I’m now finding ways to manage self-doubt, and today I’m going to share what I’ve learned with you in the hope that it helps you too.

Our Self-Doubt Society

It’s part of British culture to doubt ourselves. I truly believe that. We’re conditioned to think that we're not worthy or that we couldn’t possibly have what another successful person has because they’re obviously much better than we are.

It’s made worse by the love-hate relationship we have with social media. We’re in a world of Instagram perfection, where everybody seems to be in such a blinding rush to get success and fame at the drop of a hat. Whatever happened to enjoying the moment and enjoying the journey? It doesn’t make sense to me because I’m absolutely convinced that the little victories you achieve by overcoming lots of barriers tastes that much sweeter in the end. Getting there should be part of the fun.

Five Hacks for Staying Positive 

Self-doubt is completely normal, so don’t worry if you experience it. At the same time, it can be unhealthy if you let it get out of control. Here are my five top tips for maintaining a positive mindset:

  1. Maintain Your Vision

Never distract yourself from the absolute importance of your goal. Whether it’s a business decision, an athletic ambition or even a financial purchase like a dream holiday, achieving it should drive everything you do. Ask yourself the question: “Does what I’m doing help me fulfill my goal?” If it doesn’t, why are you doing it? Remember why you set that aim in the first place and why it’s so vital to you.

  1. Accept That You’re Human

Let me guarantee you this: you’re going to mess some things up. I 100% promise it. I can tell you from my own experience, be it posting stupid things online that I later regret or anything else. Accepting that you’ll make mistakes is the first step to getting over them. Just don’t make the same mistake twice.

  1. Be Patient

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. One of the surest ways to feel the spectre of self-doubt looming over you is to bite off more than you can chew. Instead of shooting for the moon from the start, try breaking your goal down into little, bit-size pieces that you think you can achieve. Or try working backwards from your ultimate ambition. Don’t scare yourself off by stressing over the big picture. It’ll come.

  1. Keep Your Inner Circle Close

Your relationships with your trusted friends and family are massively important to your success. You’ll almost certainly need their help along the way. If you’re feeling low, tell them. What good does keeping it to yourself do? If they’re good people, they’ll support you, guide you and always be there for you. If they’re not, then maybe this is the moment to think about whether you should be wasting your time and energy with them. Put yourself first.

  1. Learn From the Best

Don’t think that you can’t learn from others. Be humble. If you’re going through a period of doubting yourself then seek help from those who have been there and done that. You won’t be the first to have walked this path. They’ll have made mistakes themselves and been on the same rollercoaster that you’re on now. Listen to their experience and take strength from them.

So those are my tips for staying positive and they help me every day. I still have doubts, of course, but now I understand what’s happening and know how to get over it quicker, thanks to sticking to these principles. Give them a go. I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me.

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