Hiring a personal training doesn’t mean you have failed on your own fitness journey.  In fact, it is quite the opposite. Acknowledging that you need some guidance from an expert is a growth mindset and one that means you are open to new experiences, new challenges and wanting to do better.  

Some of the biggest myths or misconceptions about hiring a personal trainer might just be what is holding you back mentally and physically from making the transformation you know you want to see.  

Myth 1:  All personal trainers are drill sergeants and I won’t be able to walk for days! 

The reality is that a good trainer recognizes where you are in your fitness journey. The old school mentality of ‘no pain no gain’ is well known as old news. If a trainer’s sole purpose is to prove you're working hard by pushing you beyond your limits, then they aren’t the right trainer for you. You shouldn’t have to crawl your way back into your next workout session because your legs are still sore from the week before. 

You want a trainer who can push you just enough outside your comfort zone because that is where we grow and get better. 

Myth 2: All personal trainers are built like Greek statues!

Having a personal trainer who appears physically perfect on the outside can be intimidating for some. On the opposite end, a trainer who talks about what they accomplished 15 years ago without having maintained any activity since is also unfavorable. Nonetheless, your trainer should practice what they preach without having to be chiseled out of stone.

Coaches come in all shapes and sizes. What matters is what works for you. Good coaches are able to pour their energy into their clients while maintaining time to practice what they expect their clients to do. Good coaches are also refining their methods, incorporating new modalities and keeping up with scientific updates in fitness, health and wellness.

Myth 3: Personal training is only about the workout

Needing focus, guidance and a challenge in your workout might be the initial reason you hire a personal trainer, but the reality is that there are 168 hours in a week. On average, most people see their trainer for two to three 60 minute sessions per week. This leaves another 165 hours in the week for things to fall apart.  

A great trainer will establish several touch points throughout the week with their clients. They are checking in on multiple occasions about their clients' sleep, nutrition, hydration, social outlets and much more. It is the ‘personal’ relationship that gets built where so much of the magic happens and transformations take place.  

If your trainer is only checking in and out before and after sessions, this might be a red flag to search for a new trainer. 

Myth 4:  You will only eat veggies and drink protein shakes

Whether your goal is to lose weight, put on lean muscle, or improve metabolic conditioning, you need to fuel your body period. Yes, more veggies and protein shakes might be part of your nutrition plan but it certainly isn’t the only thing you will have. A good coach will help you along your nutrition path. If you need to have a caloric deficit they will coach you how to do it. If you need to eat more to gain lean muscle or speed up your metabolic system, they will coach you on that too.  

Nutrition isn’t a one size fits all approach. A good trainer understands this. More importantly, they know one cannot survive and thrive on veggies alone! 

Myth 5: Personal training is a only for the wealthy

At one point back in the early 1990’s this might have been true.  But it certainly isn’t now.  

The fitness industry offers different levels of training, price points and purchase options to meet the needs of many people. Just keep in mind that the most affordable trainers are often newest to the industry and might not have the ability to modify, coach or take care of you the way you want to be taken care of. 

Does that mean you need the highest price trainer? Not necessarily. The advice here is to interview a few trainers and see if they are a fit. Ask your friends for recommendations. Find out who they are training with and whether or not their experience has led to success.

Now that we’ve reviewed five of the biggest misconceptions about personal training, don’t let yourself be the last thing standing in your way. Try a FREE session with WRKOUT and bust all five of these myths with a LIVE, one-on-one virtual personal training.

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