Wherever you are on your exercise journey, a personal trainer can offer support, tips, and training as you work to reach your fitness and weight loss goals. Aside from working out from anywhere on any device with WRKOUT, here are 5 reasons why you might want to think about hiring a personal trainer.

#1. Accountability & Motivation

Sacrificing time and money to invest into your well-being isn’t something most of us are willing to take for granted. Both are precious resources. Add in the fact that your trainer is likely to ask about your week, eating habits and workout progressions, and suddenly your commitment requires diligence. Motivation comes from all sorts of places, but when it comes from a personal trainer, you’re gaining inspiration in all areas of fitness, health and wellness. 

#2. Knowing Where to Start

It’s not your job to be an expert at knowing how to set up a complete exercise schedule. It’s your personal trainer’s job to understand the complexity of what frequency, intensity, time and type of workout you need. 

Starting your fitness journey with a WRKOUT trainer eliminates the analysis paralysis that prevents you from taking action today. More importantly, it prevents setting you up for failure or possible injuries. 

Focus on what you do best, while we’ll focus on helping you feel and look your best.

#2. Real-time Results

There’s nothing more gut wrenching than working out consistently for several weeks or months only to realize you aren’t reaching your fitness goals. Especially when it has nothing to do with missing a workout or breaking your diet. Ultimately, this frustration leads to giving up altogether. 

WRKOUT trainers consistently evaluate your current program and assess your progress. Whether it’s a matter of tweaking your workout to match realistic goals, pushing you a little harder, or teaching you to lift weights properly, one-on-one personal training is meant to drive and pivot your efforts into real-time results. 

#3. You’re Genuinely Enthusiastic About Your WRKOUT Sessions

You don’t have to be inexperienced to self sabotage your workout. Your original fitness routine might have gotten you photo worthy gains, but more often than not, it’ll also expose you to burnout and plateaus. It’s painfully easy to stick to what you’re used to. 

This is why WRKOUT invites you to try a FREE session. Utilize this opportunity to gain a fresh perspective from a trainer's objective eye. They might see areas of your program that could be adjusted to make your workout more interesting, more challenging, or even just more fun.

#4. You’re Challenged

Showing up is half the battle. Pushing your limits is the total package. 

It’s very hard to “take it easy” when a personal trainer is aware of just how far you can go. Oftentimes having a workout partner is all it takes to help you tap into hidden strengths. WRKOUT trainers help keep you engaged past just one more rep. 

#5. Getting Specific

Illness, injuries and special conditions require fitness plans of their own. By having access to WRKOUT’s world class personal trainers, you get to choose someone with certifications and expertise.

Planning to get pregnant? Preparing for a sport or event? We got you covered.

The best way to confirm these top five benefits is to experience them for yourself. Book a FREE live one-on-one, virtual, personal training session with WRKOUT!

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