Much like your fitness goals, becoming centered isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.

WRKOUT is on a mission to unlock wellness for all and so is our latest partner, CENTRED Wellness.

CENTRED was created by nomads, entrepreneurs, travelers and earth-loving dreamers who came together to change travel by giving our community the ability to curate their experiences, while putting health and wellness at the center of their journey.

Together we are teaming up to reshape the way we activate the future by empowering where, when and how you choose to take control of your health. 

From home, to airport, to destination (and back), CENTRED gives you the peace of mind to travel comfortably and safely in a post-pandemic age.

Life is better when you’re moving and creating a happier and healthier existence has never been more accessible. CENTRED handpicks and vets services the same way WRKOUT does with our live personal trainers. Staying connected to world-class trainers means having access to real-time feedback, form correction, accountability and motivation delivered virtually on any device. And CENTRED Wellness introduces the perfect places to do so. 

Going on vacations or business trips no longer means interrupting your fitness routine. Go ahead and chase your goals… WRKOUT will be right there with you every step of the way. Your first session is on us. 

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