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Find your RightFit™

Christian Perez
Bronx, NY
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Find your RightFit™

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Find your RightFit™

Find Your RightFit™

WRKOUT has applied decades of experience and data to create a trainer selection process. It's designed to match you with the perfect trainer, who will both motivate and deliver consistent results.

We call it The RightFit™ process.

We are so confident that you'll find the perfect trainer, that we 100% Guarantee it.

Start training today.

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Wrkout TRNR Alexis WOloAlexis Woloschuk

Holistic athletic training / More…

Sport Focused Training, Intense, Analytical, Dynamic

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Ali Martinez

Strength training / HIIT

Bubbly, passionate, Analytical, Meets you where you’re at, Loves to laugh

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Andrew Farenech

Strength & Conditioning / More…

Analytical, Passionate, Mobility Focused, Methodical, High Intellect

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Christine Pilaroscia

Flexibility & Mobility Training / More…

Passionate, Bubbly, Loves to laugh, Motivator, Fit Mom

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Chad Benson

Corrective Movement / More…

Analytical, Process driven, Jokester, Mobility Focused, Experienced

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Kelsey Sciberras

Strength training / HIIT

Bubbly, Jokester, Entertainer, High energy, Encouraging, Will push you every time

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Samy Bhatnagar

Crossfit lv2 / TRX Trainer / More…

Analytical, High Intellect, Mobility Focused, Patient

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Marc Meny

Psychological Fitness / More…

High Intellect, Methodical, Friendly, Creative Thinker

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Claire Lawson

Tabata HIIt / Injury Prevention / More…

High Energy, Engaging, Intense, Motivator

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Markian Farenech

Mobility & Strength / More…

Analytical, Methodical, High Intellect, Structured, Fun Loving, Mobility Focused

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Matthew Taub

TRX Suspension Training / HIIT / More…

Jokester, Experienced, Pushes the envelope, Motivator, Fit Dad

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Antonio Montes

Functional Training / More…

High Intellect, Versatile, Friendly, Light Hearted, Fit Dad

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Elizabeth Luckin

Wellness Habits and Lifestyle / More…

Vibrant, Powerful, Professional, Spirited, Focused

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Steven Mendoza

Durability Specialization

Motivator, Friendly, Versatile, Passionate

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Sandra Saric

Glute Specialist  / More…

Methodical, Relaxed, Motivator, Friendly

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Jennifer Hevey

Older Adults / Pre & Post Natal / More…

Encouraging, Fun loving, light hearted, creative thinker

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Christian Perez

Kettlebell TRAINING

High Intellect, Mobility Focused, Meets you where you’re at, Motivator

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Tama Waugaman

Weightloss / Pre & Post Natal / More…

Encouraging, Motivator, High Intellect, Experienced, Light Hearted, Process Driven

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Rollen T Smith III

Circuit Training / Strength / More…

Intense, Motivator, Encouraging, Patient, High Energy

View Rollen's Profile
Alisha Ghanem

Strength & Conditioning / More…

High Intellect, Mobility Focused, Meets you where you’re at, Motivator

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Brad Kahn

Egoscue Postural Therapy

High Intellect, Dynamic, Analytical, Patient,
Fit Dad

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Ashley Seeger

Functional Fitness / More…

High Energy, Encouraging,  Motivator, Versatile

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Simon Flaxman

technical coaching/ More…

High Energy, Encouraging,  Motivator, Versatile

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Leah Cornwall

Body Transformation / More…

Energetic, Compassionate,  Encouraging, Versatile, Light hearted

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Andreas Beirne

hiit / running specialist / More…

Encouraging, Process Driven, Passionate, Dynamic, Structured

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carlie chiovetti

joga / HIIT / Studio cycling

Motivator, Passionate, Fun Loving, Encouraging

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Robin Niderost

HIIT/ calisthenics / athletic conditioning / more...

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Brant Moss

strength/ mobility / weight loss / more...

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More Coming
Rossie Ballard

Fat Loss / HIIT / Strength / More...

's Profile
Personal Training
Older Adult Training