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What is Virtual Personal Training?

WRKOUT connects you with a world-class personal trainer who will meet with you for a two-way, live interactive personal training session via a computer, tablet or smart phone.

What will my session be like?

Your WRKOUT trainer will guide you through a custom workout designed specifically for you based on your goals and preferences, using whatever equipment you have (or no equipment at all). Your trainer has access to use tools to enhance your session experience, including a stopwatch and the ability to take screenshots to provide you with form correction and tips. Throughout the workout, they will provide encouragement, motivation, and real-time feedback and form correction for an amazing workout designed for you!  Sessions are 50 minutes, and start at the top of the hour.

How do I connect to my session?

WRKOUT is designed to be delivered on a tablet, smartphone or computer connected to the internet. You can join the session from the WRKOUT app by logging in to your account and you will also receive an email and text message (if you've opted in) with a link to join your session 30 minutes before the start.

Can I cancel a session?

Yes, you can cancel your session free of charge up to 24 hours before your session starts, directly on the WRKOUT app. You can also reschedule your session from the WRKOUT app.

Can I book my training sessions directly?

Yes, once you have a WRKOUT account set up, you can book sessions with your trainer directly on the WRKOUT app, or by contacting our Customer Success Team at

How do I find a trainer?

Our goal is to match you with a trainer you'll love! Our Customer Success team will match you with a trainer who will provide the best personalized fitness experience for you based on your feedback. Book a free session and tell us about your goals, abilities, workout style, personality and preferences.

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