Who are the MOVRS?

We are all MOVRS. No matter where you are in your health journey, there is a TRNR that can move the needle for you. You’re in charge of the who, where and when, your TRNR will bring the skills and accountability. Together you’ll go far.

What is WRKOUT?

WRKOUT was formed to take online personal training to the next level. Users (we call them MOVRS) will be connected with a global talent pool of elite trainers (TRNRS). Personalized training sessions designed with a MOVR’S health goals in mind, will be delivered – LIVE. No recorded content. No special equipment needed. Achieving results in fitness and health requires consistency. WRKOUT blends the convenience of our proprietary, fitness-optimized, online platform, with the accountability, knowledge and motivation that only a human - your TRNR - can provide.

What fitness equipment will I need?

Whether a MOVR has a fully stocked home gym, or just a small space cleared in their living room, our TRNRS will be able to create an appropriate plan to reach fitness goals. We are working with industry partners to provide MOVRS with access to high quality equipment as part of their WRKOUT membership.

What computer equipment will I need to connect?

WRKOUT is designed to function on devices most people already own – a smartphone, a tablet, a notebook, or a desktop computer connected to the internet is all you need! With WRKOUT there is no need to buy expensive equipment (or try to pack it when travelling!)

Who are the TRNRS?

MOVRS will have access to a global talent pool of qualified TRNRS. Information-packed TRNR profiles and online calendars are available for MOVRS to browse – this selection is one of the key benefits of WRKOUT. If desired, our team will assist in pairing MOVRS with TRNRS at any time. All TRNRS are proven industry veterans possessing a respected training certification. They will be vetted, trained and approved by the WRKOUT team.