WRKOUT was built upon two principles.


Modern consumers rely on the advice and recommendations of those around them to guide their purchasing decisions.


Wellness professionals are uniquely positioned to be among those trusted experts due to their genuine investment in the health outcomes of their clients.

The way buying decisions are being made is changing.

Browsing and searching is dying.

People want more options than spending hours browsing for products and services online.

Internet and social trust is at an all-time low.

Consumers are questioning the impartiality of product reviews and social influencer recommendations.

The cost of acquisition is its highest.

Competition, algorithms, and saturated markets are contributing to longer buyer journeys and an upward trend in customer acquisition costs.


We understand that wellness professionals and trainers have dedicated themselves to helping others, and that the role of trainers has evolved massively over the years to extend beyond someone a client sees a handful of times each month, into a trusted resource for all things health and wellness.
Recognizing the unique relationship between wellness professionals and their clients, our co-founder Curtis and his team developed a recommendation tool to connect top industry brands with consumers through wellness professionals' influence.
WRKOUT is a unique opportunity for trainers to support their clients through recommendations that share valuable knowledge and equip clients with the products and tools they need to achieve their goals.


Over 1,000+ products from 70+ trusted brands.

Help your clients cut through the noise and get all the products they need in one place by making recommendations they can trust using WRKOUT.


Meet our proven and experienced leadership team.

Co-Founder & CEO
A seasoned entrepreneur known for building Innovative Fitness—the most prominent personal training company in North America, Curtis is recognized as one of the most established leaders in the fitness industry. Curtis leads over 300 virtual and in-person trainers, and uses his hand-on and inspiration leadership philosophy to build teams centered around innovation and driving the industry forward. His passion for effecting meaningful change is underscored by his involvement in philanthropic initiatives, such as cycling across Canada and Australia for Juvenile Diabetes, and his work as a coach for youth athletes.
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Raman Gill is a seasoned CPA with more than 18 years of experience. Formerly the CFO of SAXX, acquired by TZP Group, Raman's expertise spans industries with roles at A52 Warehouse, No Limits, and NLS Group Holdings. At WRKOUT, Raman drives financial stability and growth with precision and strategic insight, embodying a commitment to excellence that shapes the company's financial landscape.
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Head of Marketing
A seasoned marketing professional with more than 12 years of progressive experience, Laura has a passion for building brands, businesses, and teams. As the former Director of Growth at ABC Trainerize, Laura carved her niche in fitness technology and SaaS, demonstrating a talent for driving growth through product-led and organic-first strategies. Laura loves to weave together authentic storytelling, captivating visuals, and a little human touch to create powerful marketing moments that both generate revenue and capture hearts and minds.
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Head of Engineering
Ben is a 20 year veteran of the software industry and has occupied roles from developer to chief technology officer at a number of SaaS startups, scale-ups and skunkworks teams at established businesses. He has worked in IoT, blockchain, digital media and advertising, and e-commerce. He is driven by the desire to prove out brand new ideas and provide a solid technical framework so they can leap off the page and solve real world problems.
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Vendor Partner Manager
Amanda is an experienced vendor partner manager specializing in the natural health and tech industries. Wth more than 11 years' experience across brick-and-mortar retail and SaaS start-up environments, she is an expert at developing partner relationships and has managed eight-figure revenue-producing product catalogs and brands. Amanda has an intricate understanding of the rules and regulations enforced by Health Canada pertaining to natural health products and has leveraged this knowledge to support quality, compliance, and legal teams by helping to ensure security and protection of the business.
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Product & E-commerce Manager
As a seasoned product leader, Jasper has driven growth across multiple startup brands: achieving 8-figure milestones in health and wellness and securing 6-figure growth in online education and SaaS. He brings to the team a unique blend of analytical and creative thinking, alongside a knack for nurturing high-performing teams and tacking complex problems. Throughout his career, Jasper has achieved numerous milestones, attributing them to his hands-on, field-driven approach where methodical testing and refinement have been key to turning ambitious goals into tangible successes.
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Help us empower wellness professionals and their clients to thrive


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