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5 ways to personalize your recommendations

Making informed recommendations shows that you’ve taken the time to research and understand the best options available, building trust with your clients!
Curtis Christopherson
November 27, 2023

Trust and connection are two of the pillars in any strong client-trainer relationship. And one of the best way to build both of these is by delivering services that are personalized to your clients' unique goals and needs—by hearing their challenges, their objectives, and their preferences, and using that to shape the way you work with them.

Sharing well-researched recommendations is a great way to showcase your dedication to understanding the best options for your clients and to helping them in more ways than just with programming and accountability. Not to mention, it's a chance to highlight your expertise and continue building that client trust.

Here's how you can go the extra mile with your recommendations by adding a layer of personalization.

Add a custom personalized note

Starting with the recommendation creation process itself is the lowest hanging fruit in personalizing your recommendation links for your clients. Always be sure to write a custom note because your clients will see this when they’re checking out their products. Clients that feel heard and are satisfied are more likely to become loyal customers who continue to engage with the business and recommend it to others.

Incorporate into your plan/programming

One of the primary benefits of personal trainers is their ability to tailor fitness programs to the individual needs of their clients. By making product recommendations, trainers can ensure that their clients are equipped with the right tools to maximize their workouts. Whether it's suggesting the right type of shoes for proper foot support or recommending resistance bands for at-home workouts, personalized product recommendations can greatly enhance the effectiveness of workout programs.

Run complimentary educational sessions for equipment

By demonstrating the equipment you’re recommending, you help their clients understand how to properly use it. This not only reduces the risk of injury, it allows clients to see the equipment in action and envision how it can benefit their own goals. Furthermore, you show a level of expertise and knowledge that ensures your clients will be more likely to trust and value your recommendations. Product demonstrations can also be exciting and instill a sense of curiosity and interest in clients, leading to increased adherence and better results. 

Share recipes for nutrition 

By sharing your go-to recipes, you’re empowering your clients with knowledge about ingredients and making informed decisions. This transparency fosters a better understanding of nutritional values and aids in independently making healthy choices beyond their training sessions.

Follow up with check ins

Personalizing doesn’t end when the purchase is made. Follow up to see if your clients have any questions! By having regular check-ins, you can help clients stay accountable and motivated to use the products. Check-ins also provide an opportunity for your clients to provide feedback on their experiences with their new products or supplements. This feedback loop helps you stay up to date and make informed decisions when recommending products in the future. Perhaps most importantly, regular follow-ups and check-ins demonstrate that you genuinely care about their progress and well-being. This fosters trust and a strong client-trainer relationship, which is essential for long-term success.


Making informed recommendations shows that you’ve taken the time to research and understand the best options available, building trust with your clients. By taking that a step further to educate your clients, provide more value through check-ins and incorporating recommendations into your clients fitness programs, you’re demonstrating not only your expertise but your commitment to your clients' overall well-being. Clients appreciate trainers who go the extra mile to ensure they have access to the right products and resources.

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