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Make recommendations part of your training playbook

Don't underestimate the influence of recommended products on your clients' progress! Learn how to incorporate recommendations into your training playbook.
Curtis Christopherson
November 24, 2023

As a wellness professional or personal trainer, your main goal is to help clients achieve their health and wellness objectives. While exercise routines and nutritional guidance play a crucial role in this process, it's essential not to overlook the potential impact that recommended products can have on your clients' progress.

From initial consultations and assessments, to new client onboarding, training sessions, and check-ins, every interaction you have with a client is an opportunity to deliver personalized product recommendations, that can help maximize your clients’ performance, keep them motivated, and build their trust in you as their go-to source for all things health and wellness.

Making recommendations part of your training playbook starts with weaving these authentic interactions into the way you already work.

Let’s discuss how and where to incorporate recommendations into your training playbook.

New client consultation

How better to set your clients up for success than by setting them up for success and giving them everything they need when they kick off their training with you? As you gather information about your new client—their past experience and challenges, where they're currently at in their fitness journey, and what their goals and expectations are for working with you—take stock of the places where specific products might be useful.

Many new clients come to trainers as a fairly blank slate. For the most part, they don't have cupboards filled with supplements, drink protein shakes daily, or have a fully stocked home gym setup. But having the right gear can not only help set them off on the right foot, but can also spark some extra motivation as they feel equipped to take on this new challenge.

On top of it all, recommending products and helping your new clients navigate the world of wellness products can strengthen the bond between you and your clients because you’re demonstrating a commitment to their well-being that goes far beyond their training sessions. This level of care and attentiveness fosters trust and loyalty, making clients more likely to seek ongoing advice and stay engaged in their fitness journeys, right from the start!

After client assessments

In the world of wellness and personal training, conducting client assessments is the cornerstone of understanding your clients' needs and tailoring your approach to help them achieve their goals. While you've already learned the importance of weaving personalized product recommendations into your interactions, it's crucial to dive deeper into this aspect, especially when it comes to integrating recommendations right after conducting client assessments.

Client assessments are pivotal moments in your journey with each individual. They provide valuable insights into their starting point, their strengths, weaknesses, and their unique preferences. Leveraging this knowledge to make tailored product recommendations can set the stage for exceptional results and long-lasting relationships.

During or after group classes and training sessions

Unless you run your sessions or appointments in total silence (awkard!), your clients are constantly telling you about their challenges—and they’re looking to you for help getting past them! Offer them on-the-spot recommendations to help them reach their next milestone. Mentioning certain products or supplements at the start of a group class to enhance their experience and ensure success propels that class or personal training session beyond the realm of exercise routines alone.

It can also be a good idea to hang back after a class or session and invite your clients to come talk to you if they're looking for any advice or recommendations to help them get more out of these workouts and recover faster.

At the start or end of a training program

Recommending products at the start of a new workout program can be a game-changer for clients' success and overall satisfaction. From providing essential tools to enhancing motivation, improving safety and efficiency, promoting recovery, and building trust, these product recommendations add value to your client-trainer relationship.

As the training programs progress and change over time, so will your recommendations. By starting a new workout program with the right tools, clients can achieve better results and stay motivated. These products act as motivating factors, making clients feel more invested in their fitness goals and committed to their workout routine for the  long run.

During progress check-ins

Regular progress check-ins are crucial aspects of any successful fitness and wellness journey. These sessions allow personal trainers to monitor their clients' progress, provide guidance, and make necessary adjustments to their fitness plans. These adjustments should reflect in the recommendations you make as well. Perhaps your clients need some recovery tools and supplements to aid in a swift recovery between workouts. Incorporating product recommendations into these sessions in a thoughtful way can greatly contribute to their overall success.

By offering personalized and informed recommendations, trainers empower their clients to make informed choices, maximize performance, stay motivated, and build trust. As the fitness industry continues to evolve, trainers willing to explore and embrace new ways to run their business will be the ones to have the most success with their clients. By recommending products that align with their clients' needs, trainers become catalysts for success, driving clients towards achieving the best versions of themselves.

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