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What products should I recommend during my personal training sessions?

Here are our top tips for making product recommendations in your personal training sessions (along with some products to recommend too).
Curtis Christopherson
January 21, 2024

As a personal trainer, you have an amazing opportunity to help your clients succeed by recommending relevant products that can enhance their training experience and results. While workouts and nutrition may be your primary focus, suggesting helpful fitness products is just another way to help your clients progress faster and get more out of each personal training session!

When you make thoughtful recommendations for products that will genuinely benefit your clients at each stage, it shows them that you’re committed to their overall success—beyond simply filling up your calendar. Doing so builds trust and offers additional value beyond your direct training services. 

Here are some tips on how to seamlessly incorporate product recommendations into your personal training business at every stage of the process.

How to recommend products during your personal training sessions

Choosing the right products to suggest before, during, after, and in-between sessions can make a big difference to client progress and satisfaction. Here are some strategies for making helpful recommendations at each stage:

During the intake

The client intake process offers a perfect chance to recommend basic essentials to help new clients get oriented. Consider putting together a checklist of items clients should bring with them for their first session, including suggestions for different brands and budgets. 

Here are the top products to recommend for new clients during the intake process: 

Reusable water bottles. Having a quality bottle makes it easy for clients to track water intake during workouts and beyond. Staying hydrated is key to avoiding cramps, sustaining energy, and fighting fatigue. Suggest durable bottles with insulation to keep water cool.

Gym towels. These absorb sweat during intense training sessions. Microfiber towels quickly absorb moisture and contain odor better than standard cotton towels. Having their own towel prevents slipping on shared gym equipment, too.

Gym bags. A quality bag stores your client’s growing collection of fitness gear neatly in one place. Interior compartments keep dirty gear separate after sweaty workouts. Consider crossbody or backpack styles for clients who walk or bike to the gym.

Appropriate footwear. Make sure new clients have proper shoes for their workout type. Running shoes absorb impact for joggers, whereas cross trainers provide lateral support for multi-directional gym exercises. Lifters need flat, stable soles for heavy squats and presses. Taking shoe type and fit into account helps clients perform safely and comfortably during training.

Breathable athletic clothing. Clothing may seem obvious, but many clients don't realize that cotton traps sweat, while technical fabrics wick moisture away. The right workout clothes allow clients to move freely and stay cool.

Suggesting these fitness basics sets your clients up for success from day one.

  • WRKOUT TIP: You can also suggest a pre-workout supplement like creatine or a hydration booster such as the Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator to help them push a little harder from their very first session!

During the first training session

The first training session presents a perfect opportunity to evaluate your clients’ needs and recommend products to enhance their performance! Focus on basics that can help clients warm up properly, boost endurance, and continue training at home between sessions

Useful recommendations can include:

Yoga mats. A quality mat from brands CoreFX and Yoga Strong provides cushioning for floor exercises while preventing hands and feet from slipping mid-workout. It’s compact enough to bring along for outdoor bootcamps or partner training, too. Having their own mat gives clients a hygienic personal space during each workout.

Resistance bands. Flat rubber bands allow clients to add resistance to warmups, workouts, and at-home training. With options from 10-150 lbs of resistance, they can be scaled to each client’s current fitness level and increased over time as they build strength. They're extremely portable so clients can train anywhere!

Exercise balls. An anti-burst recovery ball like the Concorde improves balance, flexibility, and core activation during training. Clients can sit on the balls for elevated plank variations or lie across them for unique core moves. Storing them at home lets clients train their midsection on off days.

TRX suspension trainers. TRX bands allow clients to leverage their own body weight for resistance during dynamic movement patterns. Because the intensity can be controlled, they provide an effective workout for any fitness level while preventing injury risk. Minimal equipment makes suspension trainers perfect for at-home workouts, too.

Recommending simple but versatile training tools gives clients more ways to stay active and build fitness while away from your direct supervision or at home between personal training sessions.

Post work-out

Cool-downs present the perfect opportunity to suggest items that speed up workout recovery so clients feel recharged for their next session. Consider suggesting:

Foam rollers. Rolling out tight muscles with products like the TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller restores range of motion and reduces soreness by increasing blood flow to fatigued tissues. Show clients how to use them safely for self-myofascial release at home between workouts.

Topical analgesics. Soothing gels and creams reduce temporary inflammation and relieve muscle aches. Popular options include Tiger Balm, Coach Soak, and CBD-infused topicals from brands like Flex CBD. They provide cooling or warming relief right where clients need it most.

KT tape. Applying elastic sports tape like KT Tape Pro immediately after exercise helps improve circulation in fatigued muscles, reducing cramping and soreness. Taping strained or overworked muscles also provides joint stability and can accelerate injury recovery.

Whey protein powder. A high-quality whey protein like Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard feeds recovering muscles the amino acids they need to repair and rebuild stronger. Recommend mixing a serving with water or milk after strength sessions to optimize results. Make sure to recommend your favorite flavors!

Suggesting these recovery aids helps clients bounce back faster and prevent lingering stiffness or discomfort so they can tackle their next training session at full capacity.

Between training sessions

Consistency between personal training sessions is key for clients to transform their bodies. If you’re qualified to do so, recommending supplemental products that support your clients’ goals and consistency between sessions leads to enhanced results over time. 

Useful suggestions can include:

Vitamins and supplements. High-quality vitamins and supplements from brands like Vega, Thorne Research, and Garden of Life provide essential vitamins and minerals that are tough to get through diet alone. Filling common nutritional gaps this way provides the building blocks for muscle growth, fat loss, and balanced energy levels.

Probiotics and digestive enzymes. Proper digestion and nutrient absorption is key for fitness. Garden of Life Dr. Formulated probiotics are a top choice. Pure Encapsulations Digestive Enzymes supplement the natural enzymes our bodies produce to break down food and unlock its full nutritional value. Powerful digestion from enzymes means more gains from meals.

Sleep supplements. Quality rest is when muscle grows and fat burns most actively. Supplements like melatonin, magnesium, and CBD support a more restful sleep and a consistent circadian rhythm. We like Pure Encapsulations’ melatonin supplement and Genuine Health’s Deep Sleep capsules with organic reishi mushroom. Remember: getting a great sleep night after night accelerates your clients’ progress!

Putting optimal nutrition, digestion, and recovery on your clients’ radar between sessions primes their bodies to get maximum benefit from each training session. Furthermore, encouraging positive daily habits keeps clients progressing towards their goals instead of losing momentum between sessions.

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