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Best places to share your recommendations

Discover how to expand your reach and enhance your success as a wellness professional by learning the best spots to share your recommendation links.
Curtis Christopherson
November 20, 2023

As a wellness professional, you're constantly looking for ways to add value to your clients' fitness journey. Beyond providing expert guidance, personalized workout plans, meal plans and more, there's another powerful tool that can help enhance their progress: Store by WRKOUT’s product recommendation links.

By sharing product recommendation links, you make it incredibly convenient for your clients to purchase the equipment, supplements, or other fitness-related products that you’ve recommended. Instead of spending time searching for these items themselves, you're providing a direct link to the recommended products, streamlining the process and saving them valuable time. Furthermore, the expert recommendations are coming from you, someone they know and trust.

Here are some places you can share your recommendations to reach a wider audience and contribute to your success as a wellness professional.

1. SMS or Whatsapp

When it comes to connecting digitally with your clients, friends, or family, sending a text message is one of the most personal and effective options available. Open rates on SMS and Whatsapp messages are some of the highest for any form of communication, and since it's a private 1:1 exchange, a text message leaves lots of opportunity for you to include a personalized message or tips to pair with your recommendation. Using SMS or Whatsapp also makes it easy for someone to respond directly to your recommendation with any questions or other requests they might have.

2. Instagram

Instagram is an incredibly visual platform that allows personal trainers to showcase products in a multitude of ways. By sharing product recommendation links in Instagram posts or stories, you can capture your audience's attention with high-quality images, videos, and compelling captions. This visual engagement can help generate interest and encourage clients to explore and purchase the recommended products. 

With over a billion users, another bonus of using Instagram is that it offers vast potential for reaching a broad audience. By using relevant hashtags, captivating content, and strategic promotion, you can attract new followers and expand your reach beyond your immediate client base. Sharing product links on Instagram allows you to expose your recommendations to a wider audience and ultimately increase your revenue.

3. Website

Your website serves as a central hub for all your business-related content. Incorporating product recommendation links within relevant blog posts or products for sale allows clients to explore and make informed decisions at their own pace. In addition, having product recommendation links on your website enhances its professionalism and creates a seamless navigation experience for your clients. A dedicated "Shop" or "Recommended Products" page allows visitors, who are potential clients, to easily access and explore various products you recommend. This organization and easy accessibility contribute to a positive user experience, fostering trust and credibility.

4. Emails/newsletters

Emails provide a personalized and direct channel of communication with your clients. By embedding Store product recommendation links within your emails, you can tailor your recommendations to suit your client base’s needs. You could even have different subscriptions and email a certain set of subscribers a specific recommendation link and share different recommendations with other subscribers. This personalized touch demonstrates your commitment to their fitness journey and shows that you've taken the time to curate specific suggestions to support their goals.

Emails also offer an opportunity for consistent engagement with your clients. Sharing product recommendation links in newsletters or periodic updates keeps your clients informed and connected to your fitness community or business.

5. Scheduling/engagement software

Sharing product links within a fitness or scheduling presents an opportunity to engage and interact with your clients on a deeper level. By explaining why you recommend specific items, such as their benefits or how they tie into your training philosophy or your clients current training program, you provide educational content that fosters engagement. Encouraging clients to ask questions, seek your advice, or provide feedback through the individual or group messaging features creates a sense of community and strengthens the trainer-client relationship.


By leveraging the benefits of each platform, you can optimize your marketing efforts, enhance your client experience and foster business growth! From convenience and trust-building to the potential for passive income and increased reach, incorporating recommendation links in a thoughtful and informative manner, you'll create a more comprehensive fitness experience for your clients while also nurturing the growth of your business.

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