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Incorporating product recommendations into your marketing strategies

Wondering how to incorporate product recommendations into your marketing strategies? Here are our top tips.
Curtis Christopherson
January 31, 2024

Marketing strategies are essential for any business looking to grow. They provide a roadmap for how a company will promote its products or services, identify potential customers, and persuade them to buy. 

For health and wellness professionals, having a strong marketing strategy is key to attracting new clients and expanding your business.

One effective way to boost your marketing is by incorporating personalized product recommendations. You likely have great insight into the products and brands your clients could be using to support their goals. Recommending these products in an authentic way allows you to help your clients—while earning extra income through your Store by WRKOUT

Read on if you’re ready to learn how to seamlessly incorporate product recommendations into your marketing strategies!

What is a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy outlines the overall vision for how a business will promote itself. It acts as a guiding framework for all marketing decisions and initiatives. Key components of a marketing strategy often include identifying target customers, positioning the brand, selecting promotional channels, and establishing metrics.

There are numerous types of marketing strategies businesses can use, such as social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, and more. However, an effective strategy is tailored to a company's unique objectives, industry, and target audience.

For health and wellness professionals, having a strategic approach to marketing is crucial for standing out in an increasingly competitive industry. It helps you focus your efforts on the promotional tactics that will attract your ideal clients.

How do I develop a strong fitness marketing strategy?

Creating a results-driven fitness marketing strategy takes time and thought. Here are some key steps to follow:

Understand your target audience or ideal customer

Thoroughly researching and analyzing your target audience will allow you to create content and choose channels tailored specifically to their needs. 

Ask yourself questions like:

  • What are the demographics of my ideal customer? Consider their age, location, gender, income level, education, lifestyle, etc. 
  • What are their fitness goals and what struggles are they facing in trying to achieve those goals? Are they hoping to lose weight? Build strength? Run a 5k? 
  • What motivates them to invest time and money into improving their well-being? Is it increased energy? Confidence? Overall health? 

Understanding your target audience on a deeper level will ensure your marketing resonates with them.

Develop a value proposition

Your value proposition explains what makes your business, knowledge, and approach superior to competitors. It should convince potential clients to do business specifically with you.

First, reflect on what core needs your ideal clients have that you can address. For example, perhaps they require personalized attention and coaching. Or they need expert knowledge in nutrition, mobility, or strength training. Identify your superpower!

Then, get specific on how your services can help clients accomplish their goals and experience positive change in their lives. Outline your methods, techniques, or systems that deliver results.

A strong value proposition creates credibility and instills confidence in your target audience.

Create a strong brand message

Your brand message encompasses what your business uniquely stands for. It influences public perception and should be conveyed consistently across all touchpoints—from your logo and website design, to social media content and email campaigns.

To build a strong brand message, start by identifying your core values and mission. What change do you want to create in the world? Your origin story and purpose set the foundation.

Next, ensure your brand elements align and reinforce the essence of your business. Your color palette, fonts, and imagery should evoke the right look and feel. Plus your tone of voice in social media captions, email newsletters, and blog posts should reflect your brand’s personality.

When these elements work together, you build familiarity and trust. 

Decide on your promotional channels

Choosing the right promotional channels is all about aligning with your ideal client's media habits and preferences. You want to reach them where they are already spending time and attention.

Start by listing the platforms and channels you are already using successfully to connect with your audience and see results. Build on what's working before venturing into new channels.

From there, identify where you have gaps. For example, if you don't have an email list yet, dedicate time to build that owned channel for reliable lead generation. 

Most importantly, choose networks where you can consistently publish high-value content. Great storytelling and education impacts growth more than vanity metrics like follows and likes. 

5 ways to integrate product recommendations in your marketing channels

Once your marketing foundation is set, you can effectively incorporate product recommendations as a value-add. Here are some ideas to get started: 

1. Email marketing

Email allows you to reach clients directly in their inbox with tailored product recommendations. 

Email marketing typically converts at nearly 3 times higher compared to social media marketing. Recipients recognize your email address and connect it to your brand, naturally increasing open rates as it's seen as more trustworthy.

It also allows for personalization at scale. You can segment your email list based on client goals and preferences, and send customized product recommendations to each group based on what will be most helpful for them. 

Start small by sending a monthly product newsletter, and go up from there.

WRKOUT TIP: Share a personalized list of your top 5 favorite fitness products to help clients achieve their goals with a link to your Store by WRKOUT

You can even break your recommendations into product categories for different newsletters: workout recovery products, vitamins and supplements, at-home fitness equipment, and more!


2. Blog posts

Blogs boost SEO to attract prospects searching online for health topics. 

By regularly publishing fresh, high-quality content that prospects find helpful, informative, or entertaining, you'll see noticeable growth in website traffic over time as Google starts to see you as an authority.

This traffic will likely include potential clients who haven’t heard of you before, so blogs give you an opportunity to introduce yourself, share your expertise, and offer them something valuable.

From there, you can later convert these visitors into leads by capturing their email addresses with sign-up forms. So don't look at blogs as isolated articles—view them as part of a funnel that brings new prospects closer to becoming clients!

Blogging also shows that you’re actively keeping up with your industry and establishes thought leadership. You can share your unique perspective and insights that your potential clients won't get anywhere else. 

WRKOUT TIP: In a post on healthy breakfast ideas, recommend your top 5 favorite protein powders for smoothies with a link to your Store by WRKOUT


3. YouTube

With over 1.5 billion logged in users visiting YouTube every single month, you have access to a massive audience already passionate about topics like fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being.

Done right, YouTube truly spotlights your knowledge and allows subscribers to get to know the real you.

Plus, an added benefit of the video format is that you can seamlessly link to relevant products either verbally in your commentary or visually with annotations. If a viewer is interested in purchasing, they can simply click your link for a frictionless experience.

WRKOUT TIP: Make product recommendations based on the topics of your videos. For instance, if you do a video on “what I eat in a day as a personal trainer,” include links to your Store by WRKOUT so that clients can easily buy your favorite products.


4. Instagram

Instagram is the perfect place to showcase your knowledge and expertise through bite-sized tips, behind-the-scenes looks at your business, educational reels, and more. 

These posts can organically reach new users already passionate about fitness and nutrition through relevant hashtags alone.

And the interactive nature of Instagram Stories and Live videos enables real-time engagement with your followers! Go live to share a workout, conduct a Q&A, or broadcast an educational workshop. Followers appreciate the authenticity and realness of livestream interactions.

WRKOUT TIP: For product recommendations, Instagram's shoppable posts make the path to purchase seamless. Share your favorite supplement, workout gear, healthy cookbook or any relevant product in a dedicated post. The "View Shop" tags let you link directly to your Store by WRKOUT for instant ordering.


5. TikTok

TikTok’s bite-sized video format allows you to share knowledge in a fun, casual way.

A major advantage of TikTok is how rapidly your content can spread to completely new users. The "For You" page algorithm quickly picks up on engagement signals, so if you strike a chord with viewers, your videos can go viral across borders and niches overnight. This level of exposure potential simply does not exist on other platforms.

While you don't want to lose your brand essence, you have more creative license on TikTok. Embrace humor, trends, and your quirkier side to delight and engage viewers in new ways. Debunk myths about your industry or showcase your authentic personality to build trust and authority within your niche. 

WRKOUT TIP: Have you heard of the deinfluencing trend? Create a TikTok about health products you don’t recommend buying and what you’d suggest insead! 


Add value to your marketing through product recommendations

The key is recommending products that will truly help your clients based on your expertise and understanding of their needs. 

Sign up for WRKOUT to begin suggesting items you already use and love to help your clients achieve their health and wellness goals. Earning cash rewards is the cherry on top. 

With WRKOUT you can:

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