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Tips and Tricks for Online Product Recommendations

Learn tips and tricks for product recommendations that will earn you extra cash.
Curtis Christopherson
November 28, 2023

Online shopping has become the norm for many consumers. With just a few clicks, we can purchase almost anything we want and have it delivered right to our doorstep! But with so many products and options to choose from, it can sometimes feel overwhelming deciding what to buy.

That's where online product recommendations come in handy. Product recommendations are suggestions for other items a customer may like or want to purchase based on their browsing and purchase history. The right recommendations can guide customers to products they'll love and increase sales for online businesses.

Store by WRKOUT takes the guesswork out of making product recommendations. It's a free platform that allows health and wellness professionals to recommend products they already know and love to their audience—and earn cash rewards while doing so!

If you're looking to better understand how product recommendations work, this blog breaks down some of the most effective product recommendation strategies for earning rewards and boosting sales. Keep reading for tips and tricks to take your product recommendations to the next level.

8 Successful Online Product Recommendation Strategies

Try these 8 successful product recommendation strategies this year. 

1. Personalize recommendations based on customer history

One of the best ways to provide relevant product recommendations is by personalizing them for each customer based on their unique browsing and purchase history. For example, if a customer previously purchased fitness equipment from PowerBlock or BodySport, you can recommend vitamins and supplements from Thorne, XYMOGEN, or New Roots Herbal, tailored to their obvious interests.

Personalized recommendations feel customized and demonstrate you understand your customers' needs. When product suggestions feel handpicked just for them, customers are more likely to engage.

2. Show new arrivals

Highlighting new product arrivals keeps customers engaged and gives them a reason to come back to your site frequently. Customers love seeing the latest and greatest products you have to offer.

Promote new arrivals on your website, in dedicated emails, or on your social media. You can even showcase certain new products as "Staff Picks" or "Editor's Choice" to add credibility. The key is giving customers sneak peeks at new items so they're motivated to check back.

3. Promote discounts and deals

Everyone loves a good deal. Promoting discounted or sale items incentivizes customers to buy now rather than wait. You can highlight time-sensitive discounts like daily deals on your homepage or flash sales in dedicated emails.

Make sure promotions are visible on product pages, too. Calling out how much a customer will save entices them to add the product to their cart.

4. Highlight bestsellers

Bestselling products are popular for a reason—customers love them! Featuring your current top-selling items gives social proof that a product is worth buying. You'll pique interest from new customers while giving existing customers reminders about fan favorites.

Some common ways to highlight bestsellers include "Customer Favorites" sections or badges like "Bestseller" or "#1 Seller." Make sure to rotate bestsellers periodically so you don't feature the same products over and over.

5. Show "bought together" or complementary products

Recommending products that are frequently purchased together is an easy way to increase average order value. For example, if Garden of Life protein powder is commonly bought with a shaker bottle, suggest the shaker bottle on the Garden of Life page as a recommended product.You can base these recommendations on actual data about what items customers buy together. Or simply use your expertise to recommend logical product pairings. Either way, it suggests useful add-ons customers may not have discovered on their own!

6. Promote what others bought

Similar to bestsellers, promoting items that other customers purchased shows social proof. For example, if a customer is viewing a yoga towel from Yoga Strong, you can recommend a popular Yoga Strong yoga mat based on what other shoppers bought as a data-driven recommended product.

This strategy works well when you don't have enough customer data for personalized recommendations. It gives new customers ideas based on broader purchasing patterns and still feels relevant.

7. Highlight package deals

Bundling multiple products together in a packaged set or bundle incentivizes customers to spend more. You can offer discounts on the package to increase perceived value. Recommend bundles proactively on product pages or in response to cart contents.

For example, suggest a packaged set of TRX resistance bands and a stability ball to customers who added a TRX suspension trainer to their cart. Presenting a logical bundled set makes it easy for customers to purchase more.

8. Show most popular products in a category

When a customer lands on a product category page, recommending the most popular or bestselling items in that category helps guide their browsing. They can sift through hundreds of products or start with category favorites—the choice is theirs.

Call out popular products with badges like "Category Bestseller" or flags like "Most Popular." Offer sorting options to view by popularity or price to simplify browsing further.

Get cash rewards for making product recommendations

These are just a few tips and tricks for deploying effective product recommendations. 

With our simple cash rewards program, the right recommendations equal more earning potential for you. Store by WRKOUT supplies everything you need to start sharing and earning today!

  • Access 1000+ health, fitness and wellness products to recommend
  • Seamless platform to share recommendations via email, social media, and more
  • Cash rewards up to 15% when followers purchase your recommendations
  • No inventory, shipping, returns, and customer service
  • No commitments required—take breaks anytime!

Product recommendations are a win-win. Customers get help discovering new favorite items while you earn rewards making personalized recommendations. Store by WRKOUT simplifies the process so you can focus on sharing products you love.

Sign up for Store by WRKOUT today to start accessing health and wellness products you can feel good recommending. Then, let the cash rewards roll in! With personalized product recommendations, everyone benefits.


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