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How to Recommend Products to Loved Ones Without Sounding too salesly ?

Here's how to make genuine product recommendations to loved ones without sounding pushy or salesy.
Curtis Christopherson
February 5, 2024

We've all been there – stumbling upon a game-changing product that adds immense value to our lives. Next, comes the urge to share this discovery with our friends. But, it's essential to strike a balance between genuine enthusiasm and avoiding the perception of being too salesy.

In this post, we'll highlight our top strategies for effectively recommending products to family and friends without coming across as pushy.

Let's dive in!

1. Authenticity matters

The first step to recommending products is to share your personal experience. For example, speak honestly about how it has positively impacted your life, solved a specific problem, or enhanced your daily routine. Authenticity lays the foundation for a recommendation that feels sincere and heartfelt, and helps you steer clear of any semblance of a sales pitch.

2. Focus on the benefits, not the features

Next, when discussing any product, be sure to emphasize the benefits it offers rather than diving into the technical details. For example, help your family and friends understand how the product can make their lives easier, save time, or provide unique value. By focusing on outcomes rather than specifications, your recommendation will resonate more personally with those you love.

3. Understand their needs

Similarly, before making any product recommendations, take the time to understand the individual needs and preferences of your family and friends. Next, be sure to tailor your suggestions so that they align with their specific interests, lifestyle, or challenges. A personalized recommendation demonstrates thoughtfulness and consideration, fostering a connection that goes beyond a mere sales pitch.

4. Share personal stories

Next, don’t forget to integrate personal stories into your recommendations. Whether it's a humorous story, a challenging situation the product helped you overcome, or a memorable experience, storytelling adds a human touch to your suggestions. This makes your recommendations more relatable and engaging to your family and friends.

5. Use soft language

Additionally, when making product recommendations for families and friends, opt for soft, non-intrusive language. For example, phrases like "I've found this really helpful" or "It might be worth checking out" create a more laid-back and less salesly approach. This is compared to more assertive language like "you must buy this" or "you won't regret it," which can come across as a hard sell.

6. Highlight alternatives

Next, be sure to present whatever product you’re recommending as one of several potential solutions. For example, try acknowledging that there are different options available and share why you personally prefer the one you're recommending. This approach positions you as a helpful guide rather than a salesperson, allowing your family and friends to make informed choices.

7. Encourage exploration

Similarly, rather than pushing for an immediate purchase, encourage your loved ones to explore the product at their own pace. For example, offer additional information, share reviews, or even allow them to try the product if feasible. This approach empowers them to make decisions on their terms and fosters a sense of curiosity and ownership.

8. Be Mindful of Timing

Next, always be mindful of timing when it comes to introducing product recommendations to family and friends. For example, you’ll want to avoid bringing up products during sensitive or hectic times. Instead, wait for relaxed settings where conversations flow naturally, increasing the likelihood of your suggestion being well-received.

What’s next? 

Lastly, mastering the art of recommending products to family and friends involves finding the delicate balance between enthusiasm and subtlety. By prioritizing authenticity, focusing on benefits, understanding your audience, and using soft language, you can effortlessly share your favorite products without sounding overly salesy. Remember, the ultimate goal is to enhance the lives of your loved ones, fostering genuine connections rather than just making a sale.

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