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Know, Like, and Trust Factor: Why Authentic Product Recommendations Are Key

Learn why the know, like, and trust factor is key to becoming a trusted partner.
Curtis Christopherson
February 14, 2024

Hey health and wellness pros! Today we’re tackling an essential ingredient for cultivating successful relationships with your clients and followers — the “know, like, and trust” factor. 

For people to see you as more than just a service provider, they need to genuinely know, like, and trust you and your guidance. This relies on demonstrating expertise, empathy, and honesty in business consistently over time. 

When you get to know your clients and followers on a human level, it builds trust and likeability. Really understanding their needs and goals makes it easier to suggest thoughtful products that they’ll actually enjoy using.

Keep reading for tips on boosting your “know, like, and trust” factor with your audience and how to incorporate authentic product recommendations along the way!

Why the know, like, and trust factor matters

While many health and wellness pros may offer similar services on paper, the ones who succeed at building customer loyalty do so by honing the know, like, and trust factor

At the end of the day, people want to feel understood, valued, and secure in your guidance. When you take the time to really get to know your clients and followers, you build trust by demonstrating genuine care for them beyond your own immediate benefit.

Clients will appreciate when you bring positive energy and take a collaborative approach to achieving their goals. And comfortably explaining your experience and qualifications establishes your credibility so clients have confidence in your skills.

The know, like, and trust element helps people view you as a trusted guide who understands them and has their best interests at heart. This is key for establishing long-term relationships with happy clients.

15 ways to build your know, like, and trust factor 


For clients to truly know you, they need to view you as more than just a service provider — they should see you as a real person with expertise, passion, and purpose. Getting personal helps humanize the client relationship!

Here are 5 ways to get started: 

  • Share your wellness journey and background on your website or social media. How did you get into this field? What motivates you? Glimpses into your story allow clients to connect with you as a person first.
  • Openly discuss your own lifestyle habits, goals, and values around health and wellness in your content. Do you meal prep on Sundays? What workouts help you de-stress? This builds rapport through shared experiences.
  • Explain your credentials, specialties, and ongoing education. Clients want to see you actively building knowledge to serve them better.
  • Highlight any niche areas of interest beyond general training like yoga, nutrition, or martial arts. This establishes expertise clients can rely on.
  • Share product recommendations you personally use and love online or during in-person sessions. Nothing builds credibility like real-world testimonials of products that support your own wellness routine. 

Product recommendations help clients see you as an authentic user yourself. People tend to trust suggestions that come from lived experience, feeling more confident that the product(s) will work as described. 

When clients feel they truly know you as a person and a professional, product recommendations become collaborative conversations, not one-sided sales pitches.


For clients and followers to genuinely like you, they need to see you as a supportive partner in their success. The likeability factor starts with showing genuine interest in who they are as people.

Some tips for building your likeability factor: 

  • Share glimpses into your personal life and interests outside your job on social media. This makes you more relatable and human.
  • Respond promptly and positively to any questions or concerns via email or DM. This shows you're dependable and caring.
  • During intake consultations, listen actively and ask questions to understand their unique needs and preferences. Make the conversation about their journey, not just the training or treatment plan.
  • Spotlight other health and wellness businesses you admire. Lifting others up demonstrates your support for the overall community.
  • Share verified testimonials and client success stories on your website and social media. Social proof establishes your ability to genuinely help people. 

When clients truly like you, product recommendations become seamless conversations between friends with shared goals. Likability establishes the trust that you have their best interests in mind.


For clients to truly trust you, they need complete confidence in your expertise, integrity, and ability to guide them towards their goals. 

Building trust happens through: 

  • Avoiding over promising or exaggerating expected results. People appreciate when you set realistic expectations.
  • Admitting when you don't know something rather than guessing. This shows humility and lets clients know you have their best interest at heart. 
  • Following up consistently after treatment is over or your clients’ goals are met. Doing so conveys that your relationship with them is long-term.
  • Encouraging clients to speak up about concerns and being responsive when issues arise. Accountability is key.
  • Only making product suggestions you truly believe are worthwhile based on personal testing or experience observing client success. Authentic endorsements build trust.

When clients fully trust you and your guidance, they become receptive to product recommendations as helpful tools rather than sales ploys. But that trust must be earned through consistently demonstrating your knowledge, integrity, and commitment over the full course of your relationship.

Show you care with authentic product recommendations

By genuinely getting to know your clients and followers, humanizing your online presence, and consistently demonstrating your expertise and integrity, you become a trusted partner — not just a service provider. 

People are more receptive to product recommendations from someone who understands their needs and is committed to helping them achieve their goals. 

WRKOUT makes it easy to thoughtfully recommend products to help your clients reach their goals faster while strengthening your relationship. 

It doesn’t matter how big your social following is—it’s about how authentic you are. 

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