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Incorporate Product Recommendations Into Your Intake Consultations

Here's how to seamlessly incorporate product recommendations into your intake consultations in an authentic way.
Curtis Christopherson
January 26, 2024

Making product recommendations to clients, friends, and family can feel awkward as a health and wellness professional. It can come across as pushy, which counters your brand as a helpful guide, not a salesperson. 

However, when done right, suggesting relevant products can greatly serve your clients. They already trust you enough to pay for your services. Making recommendations that stem from your expertise will help your clients find products that fit their needs, faster—ultimately fast-tracking their health and wellness goals. 

We’ve compiled a handful of natural opportunities to make personalized, authentic product recommendations during the intake process. Let’s explore!

5 ways to naturally incorporate product recommendations

Here are five simple strategies for naturally bringing up helpful product suggestions during your client interactions.

Wellness pack

A wellness pack makes for an excellent onboarding gift for new clients! It shows you care while promoting healthy habits. 

Depending on your profession, you might include:

  • Workout bands and mini foam roller for home workouts 
  • Quick-dry fitness towel for sweaty workouts
  • A shaker bottle—bonus points if you include a sample of your favorite protein powder!
  • High-quality water bottle and electrolyte mix samples
  • Healthy, natural snack bars
  • Trial supplements like multivitamins, probiotics, or pre-workout powder
  • Hair ties 
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Thank you card

Get creative with your wellness pack; add items that represent your brand and promote overall health and wellness. A pack makes for a thoughtful gesture that sets clients up for success. Plus it’s a subtle marketing tool that makes product recommendations easier, too. 

  • If your client ends up loving a product from their wellness pack, you can refer them to your WRKOUT Store to make a purchase. 

Wellness packs don’t just have to be a one-time deal—they also work great for client birthdays, holidays, or as giveaways!

Coaching guidelines

The client intake process offers a perfect chance to describe your coaching approach and credentials. Are you professionally certified through respected organizations like NASM, ACE, or ACSM? Do you follow certain training principles or philosophies on nutrition? This is your moment to share them.

Explain the methods and products you trust based on experience. 

  • For instance: "After trying countless protein powders over my 15 years as a personal trainer, I've found Optimum Nutrition to be the most effective for muscle recovery after workouts."

This establishes your expertise on health and fitness products, of which you’ve undoubtedly tried many. Drive home your credibility even further by linking to your WRKOUT Store showcasing the brands you recommend. Let clients browse items you already use and trust.

Goals and lifestyle questionnaire

Have new clients complete a goals and lifestyle intake questionnaire as part of your onboarding process. This questionnaire covers their objectives, challenges, current habits, and more. 

After reviewing their responses, ask probing follow-up questions about relevant products they already use. This gives you an entry point to provide tailored recommendations that address their needs.

For example, if a client struggles with getting a good night’s sleep, inquire about nighttime routines, meditation practices, sleep aids or supplements they've already tried. Use their questionnaire answers as a natural lead-in to suggest helpful items.

Make sure to take the time to thoroughly review intake questionnaire responses. Demonstrate you understand each client’s unique needs and habits, then make personalized product recommendations that make sense for them. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t work here.

Nutrition tracking

Regular nutrition reviews help you identify gaps in your clients’ diet and recommend items to fill them. 

For instance, if a client has trouble meeting daily protein targets, suggest whey or plant-based protein powders. Or if their veggies intake is low, recommend a greens supplement powder. Probiotics, vitamins, electrolyte drinks, snack bars, and other supplements are also options. 

Suggesting products that specifically address your client's nutritional needs shows you’re closely tracking their progress and have their back. Just be sure to listen first about their habits and challenges before making recommendations.

Tip: It’s important to suggest potential solutions rather than simply prescribing products. Get clients’ buy-in by having them confirm a product would be helpful before formally recommending it.

Personal training intake form

A complete personal training intake form collects vital background details—before diving into product talk. 

Some must-have sections for your client intake form include:

  • Contact information. Collecting contact details like phone number, email, and address ensures you can reach clients. It also allows you to send appointment reminders. 
  • Liability waiver. A liability waiver outlines the risks of training and releases you from liability for accidents and injuries that are not directly your fault as the trainer. Proper legal protection is key. 
  • PAR-Q form. The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire screens clients of all ages for health risks that could make moderate physical activity dangerous. It's a must-have for all personal trainers. 
  • Health conditions. Similar to the PAR-Q form, understanding a client's health conditions, medical history, injuries, etc. allows you to tailor training to accommodate any limitations or restrictions.
  • Medication and allergy lists. Medications and allergies can influence which exercises and nutrition plans are appropriate for a client—especially when making product recommendations. Knowing these details prevents potential issues.
  • Informed consent. Informed consent explains the training program's objectives, procedures, risks, and benefits to ensure the client makes an educated decision about participating.

With baseline knowledge gathered from your personal training client intake form, you’re empowered to make safe, relevant suggestions tailored to each client's health status, goals, and lifestyle. 

Remember: collect key information upfront before jumping into product recommendations. Rushing into promotions before establishing trust and understanding your client’s needs can damage your credibility.

Make authentic product recommendations your clients value

Product recommendations made from a place of real expertise naturally help your clients. Thanks to your experience and intel gathered from client forms, you're equipped to recommend items that improve their health and suit their lifestyle!

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