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How to Incorporate Product Recommendations into Your Video Content

Here's our top tips on how to incorporate product recommendations into your video content while maintaining your authenticity.
Curtis Christopherson
February 5, 2024

Whether it’s through social media, on-demand content or platforms like Youtube, integrating product recommendations into your videos can be a game-changer for those looking to increase their online presence. In this post we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about incorporating recommendations into your video content without compromising your authenticity.

Let’s dive in! 

Understanding the Power of Product Recommendations

These days, the way consumers are making spending decisions is changing. For example, more than ever, consumers are challenging the impartiality of product reviews and questioning the validity of influencer recommendations. As a result, consumers are starting to rely more heavily on genuine endorsements and trust based relationships to guide their purchasing decision.

Therefore, video content, with its visual and interactive nature, provides personal trainers with a unique opportunity to help consumers make an informed decision by showcasing products in action. 

5 ways to seamlessly incorporate recommendations into video content

Here are our top 5 tips for recommending products in your video content without sounding salesy or pushy. 

1. Know your audience

Firstly, to seamlessly incorporate product recommendations into your videos, it’s important to understand your audience. By Recognizing your clients  preferences, interests, and pain points it allows you to tailor your recommendations to align with their needs. 

Next, always keep your current clients in mind while filming your videos. For example, what questions are they asking you at every stage of your process?  And what products do you typically recommend to them when they do?

2. Integrate products organically

Similarly, the key to successful product recommendations lies in seamless integration. So, rather than forcing a product into your content, find natural ways to incorporate it. A good way to do this is by demonstrating how a certain product fits into your daily life. For example, if part of your program involves increasing your clients’ protein intake, show them a step by step video on how to make your favorite smoothie recipes using your most recommended whey powder.

Lastly, be sure to think about the video you’re producing and the reasons why you’re producing it. When you do this, you’ll authentically find natural ways to integrate certain products into your video content. After all, authenticity is key to building trust, and people will respond more positively when they see a genuine connection between you and the products you’re recommending.

3. Create dedicated review videos

Next, for a more in-depth approach, consider creating dedicated review videos for your clients. Review videos allow you to thoroughly explore the features and benefits of some of your most recommended products, offering your audience valuable insights. Whether it's a hands-on review, or a comparison with similar products, dedicated reviews offer valuable insights to help your clients make informed purchase decisions. 

WRKOUT Tip: Remember to maintain transparency in your reviews. For example, be sure to highlight both the positive aspects, as well as any potential drawbacks of the product. This honesty builds credibility and reinforces the trust your clients have in your recommendations.

4. Storytelling with products

Similarly, crafting a compelling narrative around the products you recommend in your videos can significantly enhance their appeal. So, be sure to share personal anecdotes or experiences related to the product.

For example, if you're recommending a fitness product, share your fitness journey and how the product has positively impacted your life and routine. By weaving a story around the product, you not only showcase its features but also highlight its practical application and potential impact to your clients' lives.  

5. Engage in two-way communication

Lastly, building a strong rapport with your audience through video involves fostering two-way communication. So, be sure to encourage your viewers to share their thoughts, experiences, and recommendations in the comments section. Then, actively respond to comments, address questions, and incorporate viewer feedback into your future content.

By creating a dialogue, you not only strengthen your community but also gain valuable insights into the products your audience is interested in. This reciprocal relationship enhances the effectiveness of your recommendations, as viewers feel their input is valued.

What’s Next?

Lastly, incorporating product recommendations into your video content can be a seamless and rewarding endeavor when approached with authenticity and strategy. By consistently delivering valuable recommendations and maintaining open communication with your audience, you'll establish yourself as a trusted source, enriching both your content and your viewers' lives. Remember, the key to success lies in finding the delicate balance between promoting products and maintaining the authenticity that sets your content apart in the crowded digital space.

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